HR Essentials: Updates on Recent Employment and Labor Law Developments, and Forecasts for 2019

This ‘lightning round’ presentation delivers brief, to-the-point, updates on areas of common interest to HR professionals.

Major topics include: labor, benefits, immigration, OSHA, plus others.

Each year, HR Law Update guests rate this session as one of the most valuable parts of the day’s agenda.

Investigations: Steps to an Effective Investigation, Corrective Action, and Post-Investigation Follow-Up

This session will take a deep dive in learning the questions that need to be asked, and actions to be taken for an effective investigation — and post-investigation.

Major topics:

  • What immediate steps should be taken?

  • How do I choose the best investigator?

  • When should an attorney be brought in, and what are the legal concerns?

  • How do I conduct corrective action to stop offensive behavior without affecting performance?

  • What written follow-up needs to be done post-investigation?

Preventing and Resolving Workplace Conflict

Reports of incidents of workplace violence or workplace conflicts seem to be a daily occurrence. For these reasons, we are all well advised to be informed about recognizing, preventing and responding to conflicts in the workplace.

Our best approach includes promoting awareness‎, preventing escalation of violent behaviors, and developing strategies for dealing with violent incidents when they happen.

This presentation will examine the warning signs of violent behavior, techniques for de-escalating and responding to conflicts in the workplace, and tips for individuals and institutions for maintaining a conflict-free workplace.

Are You Smarter than an Employment Lawyer?

This interactive game show-style session will include hot topics, best practices, AND those confusing legal terms HR professionals hear from their lawyers.

HR ‘Hot Topics’

This session will provide expert advice for addressing major issues facing HR professionals and their workplaces. Topics covered will include: #MeToo movement, FMLA, ADA, reasonable leave, and reductions in force, among others.

Groom Your Diverse Employees to be Your Next Leaders

Employers who are committed to fostering an inclusive work environment are increasingly focused on diversity-oriented leadership development and succession planning programs.

This session explores why inclusive leadership matters, the challenges to achieving diversity in leadership, what companies are doing to prepare their diverse employees for leadership, and how existing leaders are promoting the effort.

Wage and Hour: Not as Straightforward as You May Think

Although minimum wage, overtime, and other wage payment requirements are conceptually straightforward, they present a multitude of compliance challenges for employers.

Minor decisions or practices can make the difference between compliance and non-compliance with various wage and hour laws. Non-compliance can have significant financial consequences, including back pay, fines, and penalties. If uncorrected, non-compliance may result in unwanted, avoidable, and costly lawsuits, especially class and collective action litigation.

This session will be helpful to HR professionals at all levels of experience in dealing with this complex area of responsibility.